5 Wonderful First Date Ideas for Black Men Dating White Women

black man dating white womanAfter the long hours of searching online, sending and receiving mails, making some shy calls over the phone and others, your first date has finally been set! You will soon go on your first date with that white woman you adore for some time. Are you excited?

For black men dating white women and the other interracial singles out there, below are some wonderful first date ideas you might want to try.

Out for Brunch

Invite your date to a nice hotel where you can talk over brunch. Consider this as your getting to know stage as you enjoy good food and coffee at the same time. Having your first date in the morning will make it more casual, putting less stress than the usual 9 pm date where you go to the best club. Enjoying a nice brunch in a classy hotel is also a great way to indulge in luxury for several hours with no need to pay a lot for the experience.

Try the Festival

Whether it is an outdoor music festival or food festival, you can be sure that festivals are a great place for a first date since there are a lot of things you can talk about to keep you busy the whole time. This will get rid of those awkward silent moments. Also, when the two of you are in a festival, you can look forward to a nice experience that you can discuss on your second date as well. Just avoid going to a cultural festival of your heritage as this idea will be better kept for later dates.

Go Mix and Match

Let one of you choose where you want to eat while the other will pick the movie you will watch. The other one can also recommend a good place to take a stroll and the other will choose the art exhibition you can visit together. It removes the pressure of having to make a good impression since the choices have been split in half. However, if you feel like your lady wants men who are super dynamic and she just wants to follow through, you can forget this one.

Have Fun at the Photo Booth

You and your date can go on an adventure by discovering and visiting as many photo booths as possible while enjoying a good walk. Take pictures in every booth and note the time, date and place at the back. If you like, you can also bring some props to make the experience more fun. While this is not really perfect for everyone, this is still a great original idea you can try.

Hit the Beach

Enjoy a fun beach picnic when the weather is good and if it is not, you can always go for a walk. Looking at the sea that extends miles after miles has a unique calming effect on people which means that it can help you say goodbye to all your date stress. Talk about light topics without going too heavy.


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